You're too kind. Tip yer waitress.

There's a "Pho King Coming Soon" sign near my house, which means there will soon be another Pho King restaurant. I wonder what their Pho King food will be like. I hope they have good Pho King service, and a nice Pho King ambiance.

Oh, why get excited? It's just Pho King noodles.

Yes, Jon and I can amuse ourselves for miles with this gag.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates this kind of thing. I, too, can hardly wait for the new Pho King restaurant. I took a picture of the sign this morning. I'll send you a copy, if you like.

Sharon said...

Ha ha, yeah, a picture would certainly help sell the joke. (No, I don't need a copy, though, but thanks for offering.) I think the Pho King restaurant near us might never materialize. The "coming soon" sign has been up for ages, without any evident activity. I'm concerned it might be a victim of this Pho King credit crisis.