Two more movies this weekend.

Gray's Anatomy: Spalding Gray is still awesome, but he sure is a fruitbat. Stories of eye injuries are incredibly difficult to listen to. This one is enjoyable for fans, but probably a turn-off for the non-initiated. Start with Swimming to Cambodia, instead.

Meet Joe Black: I never would have rented this, but a friend from work recommended it, and he's got oddball tastes in movies. I always figure Brad Pitt will be inept because everybody thinks he's pretty. I'm amending my opinion: I think he's pretty, and he's really quite talented. Anthony Hopkins is in this, too, so--wow. It's just about three hours long, so it made itself an afternoon's event, but I'm glad I invested the time. I enjoyed the premise, the execution, and the actors. [Attn: Mild Spoiler] It ended on an all-okay-in-the-end note, which I found disappointing. It had its happy ending; it didn't need the extra manipulation to give it a sparkly, perky ending. The writer in me objects; the girl in me is quite pleased.

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