Man, when did it get to Thursday? Yeesh. On Friday, we had a blast at Margaret Cho's show. It was less like stand-up comedy, and more like a frank discussion from a funny person. I like her a lot. Her parting thought is that gay people should be allowed to get married like straight people, and straight people should have sex like gay people. Right on.

Also sometime last week, we watched Hitchcock's Rear Window. I like Jimmy Stewart. ^_^ Hitchcock is weak on endings, though. He doesn't fool around with any messy denouement stuff; just wraps it up 30 seconds after the dramatic climax. But we'll forgive him, won't we?

Saturday saw an enjoyable evening spent chatting with friends. We were supposed to be getting together to watch The Sixth Sense, but we found each other more entertaining. Chris is planning a haunted bed-and-breakfast and was pumping us for ideas. Boy, it would be neat.

My apartment is finally on the mend. Friday, I am told, the ducts will be cleaned. Then at 8 am on Saturday, the floor will get sealed, the carpet pad replaced, and the carpets steam cleaned. After we know that the leak repairs are holding, they'll fix the sheet rock in the walls. Should be good...provided it happens. (The duct cleaning was supposed to occur last Monday. Hm.) I mentioned in one of my letters that I would write another letter to the corporate office, this time in thanks, if stuff got fixed. However, I can't think of any opening to the letter that doesn't sound like, "And when they finally got around to what they should have been doing all along..." I'll keep working on it.

Mom has arranged for all my local family to be at their place on Christmas eve, when I'll be there. Then, right when I get back, Faith will be arriving for us to spend a Wild Girls Week in Austin. This will be a great vacation.

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