So much to tell, so much to tell. And I've got a new reader! (Hi, Faith.)

Apartment: Supposedly the carpet pad is being replaced and the concrete sealed as we speak. Cleaning should happen before the end of the week. Sheetrock replacing will be a little longer. Movement! (like through sludge, but movement nonetheless)

Work: App has successfully passed user acceptance testing and the more challenging process of getting approved by Change Management. We are go for launch! Friday, at 5 pm. Woo hoo!

Win2K migration of my workstation was painless. And I have finally found the secret coffee stash of our IT department. It was recently hidden because non-IT people were helping themselves. Our group, which sits on a different floor from the rest of IT, reacted to the news of the coffee hiding with, "We had free coffee?"

Turkey: Jon and I spent Thanksgiving with our friends Ben and Natosha on Ben's parents' 800-acre ranch. Much eating, much loafing, much strolling on beautiful open spaces, much petting of horse noses, much pouncing by dogs. A good time was had by all.

Steak: Ray's Steakhouse, on Guadelupe, although being the most I have ever spent on dinner for two, was outstanding, quite worthy of being our romantic, two-year-anniversary restaurant. The Austin American-Statesman captured it well: hunting lodge meets white linen. How Texan. There were lots of mounted heads on the walls, but the food was quite excellent, and our waiter Manny was so cool. They served me the only cheesecake that Texas has done right. Dense. Thick. Not-sweet. Cream-cheesey. Ahhhhhhhhh...

Domination: I found a service,, that lets you register a domain for $16/year and then provides free forwarding, so you can host anywhere. Which is exactly what I was looking for for this site and the new blog that Faith and I are cooking up. I've registered, but they need a few days to switch it over from Once I know, I'll let you know what I think. Then you all can quit bugging me that you can never remember my url.

In related news, ICANN approved the creation of seven new domain suffixes.

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