Woah! Readership bloom. I got more votes on this poll than any other. And since its topic was what the next poll should be about, I have listened to your outcry. Overwhelmingly, my readers are fans of fluff and lint, with that item getting 12 out of 14 votes (no, I did not recou--I can't bring myself to make that joke. *sob*). But within that topic, it was not difficult to accomodate my other two readers who wanted to talk about Harry Potter, and copyrights and piracy (who would have expected marshmallowfluff.com to exist?). Nobody, but nobody, wanted to talk about current events, sending a resounding zero chads--hanging, pregnant, or otherwise--to the items "Floridians," "The lesser of two evils," or "That college we can't get into."

So, gentle readers. You asked, I respond. Vote away!

(Brought to you by The Lunchtime Poll, recount-free for nine months.)

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