And now... back to the continuing adventures of Useless Girl

Ever have one of those days when you just can't focus? I'd been in high-stress overdrive all last week (hence, no posts), but I got the work done and eased the next deadline. I still have an unaccomplishable amount of work to do, and I think that's what's keeping me from focusing.

I'm having more adventures with PHP and MySQL. I'm creating a wedding registry app (for my own wedding, of course. Somehow, I've convinced myself that hand-calligraphying all the invitations is ridiculous, yet I feel compelled to write a multi-tier web app. Welcome to my insanity.), and I've created most of the database tables and populated some of them. It's fun, though I have to learn more PHP before I can make it actually do anything. At work, I haven't gotten to make an app from scratch, so this is both good practice and excellent resume fodder.

Invisible City is takin' it on the road next week: We're going to Vegas! The GAMA Trade Show is a gaming industry convention for Anybody Who's Anybody in game manufacturing. We're gonna hand out business cards, distribute the meme, and learn how to talk the lingo.

And who knows? We might go visit an Elvis chapel...

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