Giddy with my own power

Holy cow. Okay, so I'm trying to develop an enhancement to an application that needs too many bug fixes to allow me to develop on it. I finally wrote an email to my business partner (the customer, representing the users), the program manager (tracker of projects and resources (like, me)), and my manager, laying out the state of the app when I came on the scene (CYA, since it was broken when I got here) and asking for a prioritization decision: Build the enhancement or fix the bugs; pick one.

Then I hid under my desk.

But my business partner, who is clearly the most reasonable person on the planet, decided to go with my third proposal: Stop this nonsense and build the thing right in the first place.

Let me just state that again for clarity: Take the time to do it right.

I did a Snoopy-dance and then sat down to sass out how long that would take. I get to first define all the steps, and then, then, decide how long those steps should take. I'm in programmer heaven.

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