It does help that I've got a fantastic French manicure. I used Sally Hansen's Blushing Bride (just the yummiest opaque, matte pink) and Old Navy's White Out, which can make fine lines with a pen tip and also has a brush inside. Did my toes last night, too.

Maybe the chamomile's kicking in.

I've also got that undirected creative urge I sometimes get, where I've just gotta make something (but if you suggest a project, you will kill it). I've got the whole Adobe suite here, so images and site redesigns are dancing in my head. I also feel that there has to be a story to tell using hypertext—truly using the interconnectedness, rather than thwarting it. Currently, I've gotten to the point of using it as an expository shorthand—I don't have to interrupt my prose to give you the back story on something; I can just link to it, and you'll explore it if you need the explanation. There's another level to aspire to, though, something that goes beyond typing books into the computer, something that tells a story in a way that couldn't be told on paper and is richer for it. And I'm aspiring, baby. I'm aspiring.

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