Watched a lot of movies this weekend. Pitch Black, as horror, was not so bad as I'd feared, though as sci-fi, it fails miserably. Fell asleep during The Usual Suspects, but that's 'cause I was tired. I did think it was really neat, and I intend to watch the last half-hour again, since I missed all the explanation. Through some odd quirk, I cracked the plot in the first five minutes: In the opening scene where our evil mastermind creatively extinguishes the flame running along the gasoline fuse on the ship, I commented, "Hey, is that [actor]? Only [actor] would piss that way." ...I recognized someone's urination style? I blame it on the hour of the evening.

Also saw French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline, who are both so cute. Why do we enjoy a genre where we know how it will end? The joy in romances is watching a foregone conclusion unfold. (I think that's why I really disliked Mrs. Doubtfire, since it broke the rules of the genre.) In other genres, that's a failing. How odd.

Spent nice time with various friends this weekend. ^_^

This apartment thing still manages to not be resolved. We are moved into a new apartment, but we have not signed the new lease, and I don't know what our rent rate will be nor how long the lease will last. The manager was going to go see what he could sneak past the corporate owner for us. I told him that that was not how it should be, that they should be trying their darnedest to make us happy, and would he like me to call them? So it's in limbo. But there are enough other dissatisfied customers that we might file a lawsuit. Would that be a class action suit? I don't know what those really entail. Have to do some research...

Went to a new gynecologist today. Three of my co-workers also see him. He's sweet, and he came in to chat with me and introduce himself while I was still dressed. What a gentleman. I am now comfortable with my doctor (though when last I saw her, she was very pregnant, so she may become unavailable), my dentist, and my gynecologist. Seeing these folks is a positive experience, rather than something to dread. How neat.

Wedding plans continue. Zoot suits are likely...

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